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    A few years ago, I decided to build a small container home with some friends. When we got started, I came to a realization. Even though people have been creating living spaces from shipping containers for decades, no standard construction method for container homes has really taken shape. So, instead of just buying a set of instructions and following conventional procedures, I had to essentially rely on online opinions about how to build a container home. This led to many hours in front of my laptop doing research, collecting bits of information, determining what was relevant, trying to figure it out. I compiled what I learned from the experience, and looking back, how to do some things way better. If you decide to build your own container home, I hope that this book can save you time, answer questions and eliminate some frustration. 



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   Simply put, a container home is a living space made from a shipping container. Specifically, it means adding windows, a door, insulation, plumbing, and electricity….which are all part of the walls. So, in a sense, 90% of making a simple container home is just building complex walls (and a ceiling) into a shipping container. When those are done, it’s a matter of hooking up fixtures and appliances, doing the finish work, and adding furniture.

    This book covers building concepts that are specific to container homes, but I leave out anything that is standard practice, i.e. installing a sink or wiring a receptacle. Since there is already plenty of great information about general homebuilding out there, I figure you can look up anything that you’re unfamiliar with.


    Even though I wrote this book as a guide to building a single 20’ container home, all this information can definitely be applied to larger and more complex container homes or container shop projects.

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