Before, during and after building a container home (the Prototype), I spent countless hours doing research, collecting bits of information, determining what was relevant. It seemed like every answer I found would lead to more questions. Sometimes a whole day was consumed attempting to make an idea work, only to abandon it and start over.


It’s my hope that this book can save you time and eliminate frustration if you decide to build your own container home.


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The book is divided into 3 Parts:

Part 1 covers all the steps to complete to get you prepared to start working on your container home. 

It includes:


Design (Click here for an excerpt.)

Build Space



Buying a Container


Part 2 is the building and installation portion of this book and constitutes the bulk of the construction information. It’s where you perform all the practical work that converts your shipping container into a living space.

It includes:

Building Envelope
Framing (Click here for an excerpt.)
Plumbing (Click here for an excerpt.)
Insulation (Click here for an excerpt.)
Gas Appliances


When Part 2 is completed, you’ll have your container home roughed-in and ready to be finished out.
Note: Most of the information in Part 2 can be applied to larger and more complex container homes or shop projects.


Part 3 is kind of a catch-all.

It includes:

Where Can You Put It
How to Move It
Preparing a Site
Off-Grid Strategies
Short Term Rentals (Click here for an excerpt.)
Roof Addition (Click here for an excerpt.)
Electrical Basics

There’s also a chapter in there that describes the construction of the Prototype, step-by-step.