Although people have been creating living spaces from shipping containers for decades, no standard concerning the size, configuration, number of containers or construction method has yet taken shape. Rather than consulting easily accessible instructions and following a conventional building procedure, you have to essentially rely on opinions about the proper way to build a container home. This book is just another opinion.


Below is a sample of our book. The full book is available to purchase for $9.99. Please email us if you would like to purchase a full downloadable copy of the book.

Part 1 covers all the steps to complete to get you prepared to start working on your container home.

Part 2 is the building and installation portion of this book and constitutes the bulk of the construction information. It’s where you perform all the practical work that converts your shipping container into a living space. Most of the information in Part 2 can be applied to

larger and more complex container homes or shop projects.

Part 3 is kind of a catch-all. There’s a chapter in there that describes the step-by-step construction of the container home I built with a couple of friends. I call it the Prototype (even though it’s the only container home I ever built).


Sample Chapters:

Build Space

Buying A Container




Preparing a Site

Short Term Rentals

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