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20' Dwelling

(our Prototype)

155 ft.²


On or Off-the-Grid.

It can be adapted to hook up to nearly any site.


Fully outfitted.

It integrates a full bathroom with shower, kitchenette, and queen-sized loft bed with electrical, hot water, plumbing and insulation. Beneath the bed is a study/lounge area.



It can be delivered and moved by truck, train, ship/barge or towed on a trailer (a tiny home).

Construction Process: Start to finish.

Multiple uses.

Rent it out. Combine your funds with friends or family and create a time share. It's possible to keep your expenses low, or even make it pay for itself. You just need to have a place to put it, whether it's deep in the wilderness or in your backyard.


Starts at $24K.

Ask us about leasing, financing and down payments. Plans are available too.



Want different features?

(i.e.drywall instead of plywood)

Are you DIY and/or want something simpler? (i.e. lower cost)

Let us know.


Note: Since this was our prototype, it was used to test, problem-solve and refine a design we think works well. In other words, it was kind of a rough draft, and the photos are not necessarily indicative of what a finished product for a customer might be.

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